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Unifor Rearing-Pullet Cages

The Battery

The mainframe construction is supported with U profile legs, which are placed each 1,23 m. And also one cage is one section. The cage construction gives the possibility because of its modular form to build up from 3 tiers to 8 tiers without grid floor (catwalk) and until 150 m lenght. It is easy to understand from the name that the system is designed for maximum uniformity.

The Cages

The door for each cage placed in front of the middle. The middle door opens to inside of the cage, that provides easy management, time and labour saves to reach the animals in the 65x123 cm dimension of the cage.

The bottom wire mesh has the measures 19x19 mm (1"x1") so it gives the possibility to put day old chicks on the bottom mesh without any extra plastic accessories. The cage designed for maximum comfort and high efficiency.

Feeding System

The Unifor Cage System gives the possibility by the special feeding plates to day old chicks to easy reach to the feed trough. Because of the perfect design on the moving plate and feeding plate there is no feed loss during the feeding period. Feed car system with special feed slides, to feed the chicks and pullets more homogenised and quick as possible several times a day.

Drinking System

In the cages the nipple line is near to the center with one 360° nipple and three pullet stainless steel nipple.

Manure Removal System

Robust construction of manure removal rollers, drive the Poly Propylene (PP) manure belts for collection of the manure under the cage. Because of the strong structure, system can work until 200 m. All galvanized material gives the possibility for long life.

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