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Residence Parent Stock Cages

The Battery

The length of each section is 4,60 m and the mainframe construction is supported with strong "U profile" legs, which are placed each 1,15 cm The cage construction gives the possibility because of its modular form to build up from 2 tiers to 5 tiers without grid floor (catwalk) and until 150 m length.

The cage itself designed by professional engineers for high efficient production and more comfort for animals.

The Cages

The doors are sliding and opening very easily. We call it "one hand operation door". Input and output of the parent stocks become more easily.

Plastic slat that used on the floor, gives the animals chance for drinking, feeding and walking without injury inside the cage which has 1,20 m x 4,60 m dimensions. The plastic slat also provides a higher insemination rate; because it gives the females chance to grab the floor easily during the mating.

The automatic nest system that located on one side of the cage, makes the egg production rate higher and the dirty egg production rate lower.

Illimunation is provided with protected lights that located in the middle of each cage.

Feeding System

In parent stock cages, a special-designed feeding system is used which is placed in the middle of the cage thus the feed efficiency and the controlled feeding is maintained at the highest level.

In the cage, for each female, 15 cm of the feeder is available. Feeding of the cocks is controlled by providing a feeding space for each cock.

Drinking System

Special steel nipples which has adjustable height by a manual crane are located on the nest side and every cock and female can reach the water easily.

The plates under each nipple prevent the manure to get wet by water drops.

Manure Removal System

Manure removal system consists mainly of a PP (Poly Propylene) conveyor belt, which runs underneath the cage, a drive unit with rollers, belt supports and guides. Manure removal system facilitates automatic collection and removal of manure and can be built as long as 150 m. Galvanized material used in the entire system provides corrosion resistance while ensuring a long operational life.

Egg Collection

The lift system provides less crack eggs and safe collection. The Poly Propylene belts (PP, 250 mm. wide) bring the eggs from nest system and the reel conveyors transport the egg to the packing room.

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