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Kutlusan HR Policy

Kutlusan is a brand that offers permanent quality, reliable service, and unique expertise in more than 60 countries on five continents, with its 27 years of experience. As Kutlusan Human Resources Management, we shape our policies in line with our employee and customer-oriented approach. 

Employment of Talented Human Resources:

When creating our workforce, we meticulously seek to employ talented human resources with the knowledge and experience required by current and global conditions. 

Promoting Collaboration and Coordination in the Workplace:

We aim to create a working environment that promotes collaboration and coordination. We support a culture where employees can work together to generate creative solutions. We value collaboration and communication skills and provide continuous training and support to our employees. 

Supporting Personal and Professional Development:

We value the personal and professional development of our employees. We provide various opportunities to support continuous learning and development. Through Kutlusan Academy, we encourage our employees to maximize their potential through training, mentoring programs, and career planning tools. 

Investing in Technology and Developing Digital Skills:

We closely follow technological advancements and incorporate them into our way of doing business. We support our employees in developing their digital skills and effectively using technological tools. 

Participatory Management and Creative Work Environments:

We embrace a participatory management approach and provide opportunities for our employees to discover and develop their talents. We encourage open communication environments where creativity and new ideas flourish, and we value the contributions of our employees. 

Work-Life Balance:

To support the work-life balance of our employees, we implement working arrangements and family-friendly policies in compliance with legal regulations. 

Employee Health and Well-being:

We value the health and well-being of our employees. Therefore, we provide various opportunities and implement programs to enhance work motivation. Transparency and Continuous Improvement Process: To create a work environment that supports the satisfaction and development of our employees, we transparently share our human resources policies.  We consider the opinions of our employees and constantly make improvements. These policies provide a framework for Kutlusan to unleash the full potential of our employees and add value to our work.

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