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KUTLUSAN Aviary Freedom Steps Cage System

KUTLUSAN Aviary Freedom Steps Cage Systems

FREEDOMStepsCage-free aviary system for organic egg production

FREEDOMStepsHigh animal welfare, maximum house capacity and easy system management Freedom Steps system developed by Kutlusan with the experience of 26 years;

√ It is a cage-free system that allows animals to perform their natural behaviors and take FreedomSteps.

√ Animal welfare is maximized with animal-oriented design, special nest system, clean environment conditions, homogeneous lighting and ideal ventilation.√ Thanks to the conditions provided to the animals, the egg yield and egg quality of the herd is high.

The system provides the opportunity for cage-free and organic egg production.

√ Thanks to its special layered design, maximum usable space and high poultry capacity with the optimized system are provided.

√ Having a walking area for the poultry house keeper, easy opening and closing of the backside of the nest and egg collection conveyor makes system management easier.

It has a design that allows the egg released out of the nest to enter the system easily and quickly.

 Advantages of Freedom Steps;

√ Movement is important for a healthy and stress-free herd. The reduced layer width is designed to encourage herd movement and provide easy access to feeding and drinking systems.

√ Thanks to the hygienic and special nest design, egg production ratio and egg quality in the nest are high.

√ The top layer is used as a resting area and there is a feeding and perching line.

√ Other layers include feeding, drinking, lighting and nest system.

√ Most of the manure is carried out of the system thanks to the manure belt under each stage.

This is important for clean environment conditions and ideal ventilation.

√ Perch positions are placed in the house considering the air circulation and manure belts.

√ The system is designed to ensure the homogeneous light distribution and ideal ventilation. The homogeneity of lighting and ventilation ensures homogeneous distribution of the herd in the poultry house.

√ The homogeneous distribution of the herd helps the litter area dry at the same level throughout the house. The natural behaviors of the herd such as dust bathing and scratching are important. This will allow animals devote more time to the litter area and to themselves, preventing them from harming each other.√ Each system row is independent and can be used alone.

√ The system is designed in a way that the maintenance of moving equipment can be done easily.

 Nest System

√ It is the hen's instinct to find the safest place to lay eggs. The nests are designed to provide the sense of security that animals seek.

√ The nest floor has a changeable angle.   Before the nest is closed, the angle of back nest floor is increased to ensure that the egg rolls into the egg belt. The nest floor is kept moving and the dirt on the nest falls onto the manure belt.  In this way, it is ensured that the nest is always clean.

√ The nest is designed to be unaffected by the air flow and to be semi-dark inside.

√ The feeding and nipple lines are positioned to increase the egg laying rate in the nest.

√ Having the perforated structure of the nest floor and back closure of the nest system’s being able to be opened and closed ensure that the nest is always clean.  

√ Thanks to the ideal nest design, the egg laying rate and egg quality in the nest are high.

Egg Collecting System

√ The slope in the nest transfers the egg to the perforated egg belt with a gentle movement. Perforated structure of the tape reduces the rate of pollution and capillary cracks in the egg.

√  The eggs are automatically collected in case the chickens lay eggs in the top of the layer.

√ With the Elevator Egg Collection System, eggs are collected safely, keeping the rate of broken and cracked to a minimum amount.

√ The opening and closing of the egg conveyor cover provides easy maintenance. 

Lighting System

√ The system has an automatically programmable lighting system.

√ Lighting equipment used in the house is dimmable and resistant to moisture.

√ Dimmable lighting system provides healthy physiological balance and quality life cycle in animals.

√ All areas except the nest have homogeneous and nonvibrating lighting. This reduces the hen's desire to lay eggs outside the nest.

√ The usage of LED products saves energy.

Ventilation System

√ Ventilation in the house is done with our Smart Poultry Control System, which is based on scientific data obtained as a result of academic research. 

√ The ideal ventilation concept may vary depending on the building structure, outdoor climate conditions and animal capacity.√ A well-fitting ventilation concept is essential for high egg production and hens comfort.

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