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Enrichable – Enriched Cage System

The Battery

Consists of the cages that has 120 cm of feed trough, 64 cm of depth and 68 cm between two feed gutter height. Total floor area is 30720 cm2 and 72 hens to be placed inside in Enrichable system or 40 hens in Enriched system.

Each section consist of 4 cages and seperation wire walls are used between cages. The conversion to the enriched cage is made by removing the seperation wire walls and by adding nesting boxes and perch to the system.

The main frame construction support with strong U profile legs, which are placed each 60 cm and the battery has the sections 2,4 m. The cage construction gives the possibility because of it’s modular form to build up from 3 tiers to 12 tiers and until 250 m length.

The Cages

The cage itself is designed by professional engineers for high efficient production and for more comfort of  birds. The doors slides and opens very easily . It is named as ‘’one hand operation door’’. Layers can be put inside and taken out much easier.

The bottom wire mesh supported by wire to get more flexibility, thus crack eggs and dirty eggs decreases tremendously. The special dimensions of the wire mesh provides to layers more comfort for standing, walking and laying .

The system can easily be adapted to comply with the European directs governing enriched cage systems for layers. The small group compartments may be fitted according to EU regulations with nesting boxes and perch.

When converting to enriched cage system; in order to increase the comfort of the birds and the egg production efficiency the nest boxes with astroturf ground material are applied to the end of the cage. Additionally two pieces of  perch are placed from the cage beginning  to the nest box.

Feeding System

System provides the maximum level of FCR (Feed Conversion Rate) that is the most important factor for the cage. The complete system is designed for high efficiency. The automatic feed hoppers with special feed slides and deep feed troughs are reducing the feed loss and to feed the layers more homogenize and quick as possible several times a day. Depending on the length of the ranges and adjustments the animals can be feed 2 (two) to 6 (six) times per day. The feed distribution is optimized. The feed level in the feed gutter Is equal and adjustable.

By using very successfully working feed adjustment device. This device gives 90 gr feed per cage as min. while the others' system gives 140 gr. The chain feeding system by flat chain is also available.

Drinking System

The nipple drinker line which placed in the center of the cage by two stainless nipples gives layers more possibility to reach the water.

The V shape of 45 mm deep leakage gutter helps to get more dry manure.

Manure Removal System

Manure removal system consists mainly of a PP (Poly Propylene) conveyor belt, which runs underneath the cage, a drive unit with rollers, belt supports and guides. Manure removal system facilitates automatic collection and removal of manure and can be built as long as 150 m. Galvanized material used in the entire system provides corrosion resistance while ensuring a long operational life.

Egg Collection

A specially designed lift system ensures crack-free eggs while providing easy egg collection. PP (Poly Propylene) conveyor belts collect the eggs from cage and the eggs are transported to the packing room via reel conveyors.

The elevator system is also available.

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