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Ecoplus Layer Cage

The Battery

Each battery unit is supported by specially designed robust leg structures that are placed 60 cm apart along the entire row.

Each section has a length of 2,4 m. The entire cage system has a unique modular structure which makes it possible to build from 3-tier to 8-tier rows without grid floor (catwalk). Total length of each row can be as long as 150 m.

The Cages

The cage itself is designed by highly specialized engineers to ensure maximum production effiency while paying great attention to animal comfort and welfare. Sliding doors provide hassle-free operation, so called one-hand-operation door, which makes moving the birds in and out of the batteries very easy.

Flexible wire mesh prevents cracking in eggs while providing clean eggs and a comfortable floor for the birds.

Grid structure of the wire mesh is engineered and optimized for comfortable standing, walking and laying scenarios.

Feeding System

FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) is highly important parameter for layer cages and Ecoplus Layer Cage is engineered to optimize the FCR parameter for maximum production effiency. Automatic feed hoppers with special feed slides and feed troughs are designed to minimize feed losses while ensuring uniform and rapid feeding several times a day.

Chain feeding system in which the feed is driven by a specially designed feed chain is also available as an option.

Drinking System

A fresh water supply line having two stainless steel nipples for each battery on it runs through each row. Such an arrangement provides easy access to fresh water for each layer chicken at all times. Drinking system is also equipped with a 45 mm-deep leakage gutter to facilitate obtaining dry manure.

Manure Removal System

Manure removal system consists mainly of a PP (Poly Propylene) conveyor belt, which runs underneath the cage, a drive unit with rollers, belt supports and guides. Manure removal system facilitates automatic collection and removal of manure and can be built as long as 150 m. Galvanized material used in the entire system provides corrosion resistance while ensuring a long operational life.

Egg Collection

A specially designed lift system ensures crack-free eggs while providing easy egg collection. PP (Poly Propylene) conveyor belts collect the eggs from cage and the eggs are transported to the packing room via reel conveyors.

The elevator system is also available.

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