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Centerbelt Automatic Nest System

The Cages

Automatic Nest System provides the laying activities to be happen on maximum level.

The sidewalls of the nest system made from "Plywood" to submit to the layers for more naturalness and more warm place.

Also the material "Astroturf" for the bottom of the nest gives more comfort and naturalness to the females according to the world wide well known quality.

Because of all this specialities, the percentage of the laying in the nests is increased to the highest level. According to this situation, the dirty egg amount is decreased to the lowest level. That's why the rate of the hatchability as follows on the highest level.

Feeding System

The feeding system is used to provide the feeding needs of animal in the cage system, maximizing the quality of eggs and allows all animals to reach the food easily and equally.

Drinking System

Drinking system is equipped with 360-degree nipples line that are placed around the cages in optimal intervals in order for each bird to reach drinking water easily at all times.

Egg Collection

The conveyor system provides less crack eggs and safe collection.

The Poly Propylene (PP) belts bring the eggs from nest system and the reel conveyors transport the eggs to out of the cage.

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