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Kutlusan, the leading company of the poultry equipment in Turkey, and the top 3 in the world, is represented the 20th anniversary events of the company in Izmir-Kemalpaşa factory, also hosted the clients from more than 30 countries, and the community of close industry representatives in Cesme Sheraton Hotel.

Within the scope of events of the 20th anniversary, KUTLUSAN's family welcomes and informs the gathering from the familiar industry in factory in this special day with great enthusiasm; they were also congratulated for their contributions to the country's economy with great praise with creating working area in Turkey. 

The first phase of the ceremony took place in Kutlusan Factory, in Kemalpasa with more than thousands of participants and   AK Party İzmir Deputy Kerem Ali Sürekli and Kemalpaşa Mayor Arif Ugurlu honored us as protocol members. 

AK Party Central Decision Disciplinary Board, İzmir deputy and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Environment Commissioner Kerem Ali gave a speech at the ceremony, '' The main causes of the steady growth of Turkish Economy begin with production and export. Thanks to the companies that produce and export like Kutlusan,. I congratulate Mustafa Büyükkutlu, Kutlusan Chairman. Turkey needs such companies, saying '' in tribute to Kutlusan found success. 

Kutlusan General Manager Hasan Büyükkutlu said, "We have been working with a staff of 450 people with a great energy and said," We have made 5 million kilometers around the world in the last two years. We will continue to run, to sell another product, to find a new market, sacrifice ourselves and our families. In 2000, we set the goal to become top 3 manufacturer in the world. Thank God, we have reached this goal as settled in world 2nd top manufacturer in the world. Now, we have another goal: our goal is to take our place in the first row. We will work with our existing strength to achieve this goal. We are grateful to all our employees, especially our father, Mustafa Büyükkutlu, who are the laborers and contributors in today's world. "

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