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About Us

    Our company was established in 1996 to produce good quality equipment for Turkey’s poultry industry. Starting out with a workshop of 300 m² indoor area in 1996, our company moved to a 1.200 m² new production facility in 1998 and in parallel to its growth relocated to the present factory in 2003 continuing operations on an area of 2.400 m² indoor area, starting off the brandization process.
    In the same year we started our R&D work in the research and develop barn established on a 500 m² area of the facility. Presently we conduct production in our facility located at İzmir, Kemalpaşa, on the Ankara road with an indoor area of 21.000 m² and logistical operations on 3 thousand m² located abroad (Kutlusan China and Kutlusan Saudi Arabia), all totaling 24.000 m² of indoor facility space and a grand total of 58.000 m² over which our facility spans.

    In addition to our production facilities, we have 5 R&D barns at 2 different farms with 10.000 m² of indoor area and a 150.000 m² total area which were established to study changes on the equipment and the effects these changes have on broiler for meat and for eggs.

    Moving forward with decisive steps, our company, which was only known in İzmir and the near vicinity became a recognized and preferred "brand" in 5 continents in 2012 and has turned its advanced technology, strong human resources and professional approach into quality and success to become a preferred company for informed investors.

    Since its establishment, Kutlusan has always been a company that uses quality materials to product quality products, that holds customer satisfaction above all and successfully provides after sales support for all the facilities that have been established by the company. It is by virtue of this approach that the "KUTLUSAN TRADITION OF QUALITY” was created and the company sustained customer relations to become the leader of the sector in production and export. Kutlusan Co. Ltd. provides turnkey projects with the best quality and most affordable price. Also the company continues to broaden its range of products by undertaking representation of international companies.

    By achieving TSE quality and ISO 9001:2000 certification Kutlusan has documented its superior quality. Our goal is to provide customers with the most advanced products at world standards and reach the highest level of customer satisfaction to maintain our first place status in Turkey and work towards becoming a leader in the world cage sector.


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