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    Our company was established in 1996 to produce good quality equipment for Turkey’s poultry industry. Starting out with a workshop of 300 m² indoor area in 1996, our company moved to a 1.200 m² new production facility in 1998 and in parallel to its growth relocated to the present factory in 2003 continuing operations on an area of 2.400 m² indoor area, starting off the brandization process.

    In the same year we started our R&D work in the research and develop barn established on a 500 m² area of the facility. Presently we conduct production in our facility located at İzmir, Kemalpaşa, on the Ankara road with an indoor area of 21.000 m² and logistical operations on 3.000 m² located abroad (Kutlusan India, Kutlusan Malaysia and Kutlusan Saudi Arabia), all totaling 24.000 m² of indoor facility space and a grand total of 58.000 m² over which our facility spans. Continue...

We Caged The Quality All Over The World...

Qualified Equipments

Healthy "Broiler and Eggs” with high nutrition value are raised in our superior quality cages and equipment with advanced productivity, low energy consumption and high regard for environment and human value.


We are pioneers for changes that can guide the sector. We are always open to new ideas and change. We create new markets and produce according to market demand.

Unlimited Support

We work with our customers based on a win-win principle. We serve as business partners to our customers. We create or processes with a focus on the demands of our customers.

Focus On Customers

With its focus on Customers as a principle, our company continues its operations and activities with the approach that "Your Information is Our Secret" and awareness of the importance of customer feedback.

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  • Kutlusan at “VIV Asia”

    The international feed-to-meat exhibition VIV Asia witnessed leaders in the agriculture, livestock and fisheries industries

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  • Kutlusan at “GFIA”

    9 Mart 2015 tarihinde Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri’nin başkenti olan Abu Dhabi’de düzenlenmiş olan “GFIA 2015” fuarına katılımımız gerçekleşmiştir.

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  • Kutlusan at “KISH 2015”

    18 – 20 Şubat 2015 tarihleri arasında İran’ın Kish Adası’nda düzenlenmiş olan “Kish Poultry & Livestock Expo 2015” fuarına katılımımız gerçekleşmiştir.

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  • Kutlusan “Poultry India”da

    26 – 28 Kasım 2014 tarihleri arasında Hindistan’ın Hyderabad kentinde düzenlenmiş olan “Poultry India 2014” fuarına katılımımız gerçekleşmiştir.

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  • Kutlusan “AgroFood/AgroWorld 2014”te

    5 – 7 Kasım 2014 tarihleri arasında Kazakistan’ın Almatı kentinde düzenlenmiş olan “AgroFood/AgroWorld 2014” fuarına katılımımız gerçekleşmiştir.

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  • Kutlusan “VIV India 2014”te

    23 – 25 Nisan 2014 tarihleri arasında, Hindistan'da Karnataka eyâletinin başkenti ve Asya'nın silikon vadisi olarak adlandırılan şehri Bangalore’de düzenlenmiş olan “VIV India 2014” fuarına katılımımız gerçekleşmiştir.

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